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Preloaded Apps on Your TouchPad

Depending on where you purchased your HP TouchPad, it should come with about 15 preloaded apps. Some of these apps are preinstalled; others are just placeholder icons that use your network connection to download the latest version of the application from the HP App Catalog.

You can access any app from the Home screen by entering its name in the Just Type field or by tapping the Launcher icon and then tapping the app’s icon. You can also access some apps by tapping their icons on the Quick Launch bar.


Web is your TouchPad’s preinstalled web browser, also available on the default Quick Launch bar. Compared with the browsers you find on other tablets, Web is surprisingly capable.


Email is your TouchPad’s preinstalled e-mail application, which you can also find on the default Quick Launch bar. It’s not only feature-rich, but also lets you work with multiple e-mail accounts easily. And who doesn’t have more than one e-mail address these days?


The preinstalled Calendar app lets you link to one or more existing accounts. You can use your HP webOS account, which is handy if you don’t happen to have any existing accounts in which you keep a calendar.


Messaging, which is both preinstalled and located on the default Quick Launch bar, consolidates any and all of your instant-messaging services, including Google, AIM, Skype, and Yahoo!


Saying that something is “on steroids” is a lazy and overused way of saying that it’s is a superior version of something else. Memos, however, is sticky notes on steroids. Sorry.


Quickoffice is a preinstalled productivity suite that allows you to view popular formats of text files, presentations, and spreadsheets, including those created by Microsoft Office. An update allows for creation and editing as well.

Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader is the popular Portable Document Format (PDF) reading software, and it’s a preinstalled app on your TouchPad.


You can use the preinstalled Maps app, which is powered by Microsoft’s Bing Maps, in conjunction with your TouchPad’s built-in GPS system to get directions, view locations, and show traffic patterns.


The preinstalled Contacts app lets you link to one or more existing accounts. You can also use your HP webOS account if you don’t happen to have any existing accounts in which you keep track of your contacts.


Music is the preinstalled organizer and player for all your audio files. You’ll have nothing to play, though, until you transfer music from your computer via USB cable, either manually or (with the HP Play music app) automatically.

Phone & Video Calls

The preinstalled Phone & Video Calls app lets you use your TouchPad as a high-tech telephone or videophone. You’ll need a free Skype account to make and receive video or phone calls or a connection to an HP webOS smartphone to receive and manage phone calls.

Photos & Videos

The Photos & Videos app, located on the default Quick Launch bar and preinstalled, lets you transfer files manually or set up online accounts to automatically sync content from.

Amazon Kindle

Tapping the Amazon Kindle app’s icon takes you straight to the HP App Catalog, where you can download it.


If you don’t already use the top social-networking service, you probably have a friend or family member or two (or countless dozens) who does or do, so why not check it out to see what all the fuss is about? If you do use Facebook, you’ve probably already tapped the Facebook app’s icon and found that it takes you straight to the HP App Catalog to download the latest version.


YouTube is the go-to video-sharing website for just about everyone, it seems, so it’s nice that your TouchPad has you covered with an app. Or does it? Interestingly, YouTube on TouchPad isn’t an app, but a link to the YouTube website, which displays in the Web app. At least it works great.