Play and View Videos on Your BlackBerry PlayBook - dummies

Play and View Videos on Your BlackBerry PlayBook

By Corey Sandler

To watch a video on your BlackBerry PlayBook, go to the Videos folder and select one of the files. Then simply tap the image. The PlayBook comes with a three-minute high-definition video demonstration that is just inches away from unbelievable.

You can pause the image any time by tapping the screen’s pause button; start the video again by tapping the play button. If you tap the circular arrow, the video will loop until you tell it to stop. Adjust the volume by tapping the screen and pressing and holding the slider in the lower-right corner; this is a virtual duplicate of the volume controls on the top edge of the tablet.


As an Internet appliance (it won’t toast English muffins, but it will connect to the web), with the PlayBook you can watch and download videos from many online sites. Check the web pages for your cable television provider, as well as for services like,, and Sites like Yahoo make available movie trailers and sometimes short subjects.

This is a fast-changing corner of the web. Many original sources of programming including major television networks have their own websites where you can watch entire episodes of shows (usually delayed after original broadcast time). Some of these sites include additional material such as interviews with stars and directors, bloopers, and episode recaps.

Some sites, such as Hulu, blocked free access to video from the BlackBerry PlayBook (just as it does for other tablets), with the hopes of getting viewers to pay for premium access. That policy, and others like it, could change at any time.

The BlackBerry PlayBook includes an app that takes you directly to the mobile version of where you can watch videos without restriction. (You can also go to the same site by entering its address into the tablet’s browser.)


If you have videos on your personal or laptop computer, you can drag them over to the video folder on your PlayBook when they’re connected using the USB cable. The videos must be in MPEG4, WMV (Windows Media), or DixX format; and a number of free or inexpensive conversion programs for your computer can copy videos that you own into one of the compatible PlayBook formats.