Navigating the Xoom's Navigation Buttons - dummies

Navigating the Xoom’s Navigation Buttons

By Andy Rathbone

Part of MOTOROLA XOOM For Dummies Cheat Sheet

You’ll become well acquainted with your Motorola Xoom screen’s bottom-left corner, as it contains the buttons you’ll touch most often. Here they are, from left to right:


Home: Press this button to return to your home screen. And, because your Xoom has five home screens, the Home button returns you to the home screen you most recently accessed.


Back: Stuck? Press the Back key to return whence you came. Keep pressing, and you’ll eventually return to your home screen.


Close: The Back key occasionally turns into a Close button. Press it to close a pop-up menu or onscreen keyboard.


Recent Apps: This button fetches a list of your five most recently accessed applications. It’s scrollable, letting you quickly jump from one program to another, copying and pasting information between them.


Menu: This button appears only when you’re running an app designed for an Android mobile phone. Those phones came with a menu button, so the Xoom slips in this button to stay compatible. Press it to open and close that app’s menus.