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My World in BlackBerry App World on Your PlayBook

By Corey Sandler

When shopping for apps on your BlackBerry PlayBook, you have BlackBerry App World, and then you have My World. Well, your My World. You can find the details of any apps you’ve purchased or downloaded for free from the site. (Also included are apps provided to you by BlackBerry as part of the operating system.)


Alongside each of the apps is information about the version number; when an update is ready, you will see it noted here. Finally, at the right side of the screen, a Delete button is there for each installed app.

If you delete an app, it’s removed from your BlackBerry PlayBook, but the record of your download is maintained by a computer at the store. Tap the Uninstalled button to see the details of any app you took off your device; tap the Reinstall button to put it back in place on the tablet.

You can use the Delete and Uninstalled panels to help determine if an app is the source of problems on your tablet. Delete a suspect app and then restart your tablet by shutting it down and then bringing it back to life. If you reinstall a deleted app, you can do so from the Uninstalled panel without having to pay a new fee.