Manage a Bluetooth Session on Your BlackBerry PlayBook - dummies

Manage a Bluetooth Session on Your BlackBerry PlayBook

By Corey Sandler

Once you give permission for a particular pairing between devices, your BlackBerry PlayBook tracks that agreement and, usually, automatically connect to that device anytime it is within range.

Automatic reconnection of devices that have previously paired in a Bluetooth link will only happen if the Bluetooth radio is on in both pieces of equipment and no changes have been made to the settings. For example, both devices have to be set as discoverable.

To initiate a Bluetooth communication session, follow along:

  1. Go to the PlayBook home screen.

  2. Tap the gear icon.

  3. Tap the Bluetooth control.

    The control is along the left side of the screen.


  4. Choose settings:

    • Bluetooth Connectivity. Move the slider to the right to turn on the Bluetooth radio.

    • Discoverable. When you first pair up two devices, they each must be listed as discoverable. (Think of this as wearing a sign to a high school mixer reading, “I’m available.” It would have made things so much less awkward in life.)

      You can set Discoverable to On, Off, or On for 2 minutes (which is a form of speed dating: your device can be seen but only for enough time to quickly make an assignation).

    • Paired Devices. Once a pairing has been made, that device name is listed on the PlayBook screen. If the connection is currently active, a green two-way arrow appears alongside the device.

    • Delete a Saved Device. When a device has been saved, the pen-like edit button appears at the right side of the Paired Devices line. Turn the Bluetooth Connectivity slider off, and then on, and then tap the pen icon; the trashcan icon appears alongside saved devices. Tap the trashcan to delete a saved device.

    • Add New Device. Tap the button that offers to add a device, and then choose either Search (actively look for other devices to which it might connect) or Listen (send out a Bluetooth “Hello”).

    • Device Properties. You can learn a bit about the properties of a paired device, including its assigned name and its electronic address, by tapping the Properties button.