Load an Application onto Your BlackBerry - dummies

Load an Application onto Your BlackBerry

To load applications onto your BlackBerry, you need to work closely with your PC. On your PC, you use an application called BlackBerry Desktop Manager (BDM), which comes on a CD along with your BlackBerry. Application Loader is a mini application within BlackBerry Desktop Manager.

If you have an employer-issued BlackBerry, your company might impose guidelines on what applications (if any) can and cannot be installed and uninstalled from your device. Be sure to familiarize yourself with your IT department’s policy before attempting to install or uninstall software from a company-owned BlackBerry.

Accessing the Blackberry Application Loader

After BlackBerry Desktop Manager is installed on your PC, do the following to access Application Loader:

1. On your PC, select Start –> Programs –> BlackBerry –> Desktop Manager.

BlackBerry Desktop Manager opens.

2. Connect your BlackBerry to your PC via your USB cable.

Doing so connects your BlackBerry to your PC. If successful, you see the password dialog box. If not, check to see whether the USB cable is connected properly to both your PC and your BlackBerry and then try again. If all else fails, contact your service provider, or contact your system administrator if you’re an enterprise user.

3. Enter your password.

This completes your BlackBerry-to-PC connection.

4. On your PC, double-click the Application Loader icon in BlackBerry Desktop Manager.

The Application Loader Wizard welcome screen opens. At this point, you’re ready to use the functions of Application Loader.

Using the Blackberry Application Loader

To install an application onto your BlackBerry from your PC by using Application Loader, you first have to install that application onto your PC. The installation onto your PC varies, depending on which application you choose to install, so be sure to refer to the manual that comes with the application you choose.

After you get the application onto your PC, you need to locate the application’s ALX file (a file with the .alx extension). The ALX file isn’t the file that gets installed on your BlackBerry; rather, it tells Application Loader where the actual application file is located on your PC. You can usually find an application’s ALX file in the folder where you installed the application on your PC.

After you download the application on your PC, you can install it on your BlackBerry by using Application Loader as follows:

1. Launch Application Loader from BlackBerry Desktop Manager.

The Application Loader Wizard welcome screen appears.

2. Click the Next button.

3. Enter your password, and then click Next.

If your handheld isn’t connected properly, you see the Communication Port Selection screen. Connect your BlackBerry to the USB cable and make sure that the USB cable is connected to the PC. Then click Next.

The Handheld Application Selection screen appears. This screen lists the applications that are already installed on your BlackBerry.

4. Click the Add button.

An Open file dialog box appears, which you use to locate the ALX file of the application you want to install.

5. Locate the ALX file and then click Open.

You return to the Handheld Application Selection.

6. Click Next.

Doing so brings up the confirmation screen, listing the application to be installed.

7. Click Finish.

The installation process starts, and a progress window appears. When the progress window disappears — and if all went well — the application is on your BlackBerry.