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Listen to Podcasts from Your BlackBerry PlayBook

By Corey Sandler

It’s not all about music when it comes to Internet “radio” stations on your BlackBerry PlayBook. The web is filled with thousands of on-demand podcasts of talk shows, interviews, and special events.

About that word podcast: if you take it apart, you’ll realize that its prefix is derived from the Apple iPod, and its suffix as a shortened version of broadcast. In reality, it is neither: you don’t need to use an iPod and it’s an on-demand medium.

When you ask for a segment or a show, it comes to you digitally. Semantics aside, podcasts are an interesting way to use your PlayBook.

On the BlackBerry PlayBook the home page icon called Podcasts shows Research in Motion’s managed set of podcast categories you can access with a few taps of the finger.


You can also subscribe to many podcasts two ways:

  • Go to the websites of sponsoring stations or organizations.

  • Use the facilities of RSS (Real Simple Syndication) to subscribe to an automatic dispatch of podcasts to your e-mail account. (If you see the RSS icon on a website, explore the site to find out about subscribing to a podcast feed.)

Did you miss a radio broadcast of National Public Radio’s Fresh Air? No problem: download the podcast and listen to it on your tablet. Here, you can see a list of episodes available from that particular show. Many podcast sources will allow you to listen to a brief preview of an episode before you download the full show.