Listen to Pandora on Your BlackBerry PlayBook - dummies

Listen to Pandora on Your BlackBerry PlayBook

By Corey Sandler

You can create your own home page icon for Pandora or put its web address in your Favorites folder by tapping the Add to Favorites icon at the top of the screen. Pandora is available as an app for BlackBerry smartphones; it may arrive as a downloadable equivalent for the BlackBerry PlayBook.

You can reach the Pandora Internet station on your own by opening the web browser and going to Recently, Pandora has slightly tightened “free” to mean that you can listen for 40 hours each calendar month without charge. After that, you can pay 99 cents by credit card for unlimited tunes for the remainder of the month.


The basic Pandora service is free; you will see advertisements on the screen if you bother to look at it, and the steady stream of songs is interrupted from time to time with short video commercials. Because of restrictions by copyright holders, Pandora is only available in the United States; the system will do its best to identify the location of the WiFi system to which you’re located.

You get to create and fine-tune your own stations. You’re allowed as many as 100 channels and you can pick just one to play, rotate through them all, or ask the computer to choose pleasing songs at random. Although you can pause playback, you can’t rewind or replay a song.

There are some other strictures, mostly related to copyright issues, including a limitation on the number of times a particular artist can be played per month. But in theory, you should be hearing enough similar music and musicians to eliminate that as an issue.

Your BlackBerry will display a picture of the album or CD cover as a song plays. And if somehow Pandora casts a swine amongst the pearls, you can remove it from the mix with a click. The more feedback you provide, the better the electronic DJ understands your ear.