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How to Troubleshoot Your BlackBerry PlayBook Browser

By Corey Sandler

What should you do if your browser won’t browse? The first thing to do is figure out who is at fault: you, the BlackBerry PlayBook, your Internet connection, or the web page itself. If the PlayBook isn’t connected to the Internet, it isn’t going to be able to display web pages.

Check your PlayBook’s web connection

This could be by WiFi, by Bluetooth to a BlackBerry smartphone using Bridge, by Bluetooth to any smartphone using Internet tethering, or on a cellular model directly to a cellular data stream. If you get a network error like the one shown, that means the tablet can’t find its way onto the Internet.

Check the status screen in the upper portion of the home page and, depending on how you’re connected, see if the blue Bluetooth icon is illuminated, the green WiFi bars are lit, or (on a model with cellular communication) if the cell connection icon is on. If the communication system you want to use isn’t turned on, enable it.


Test the link on your PlayBook

If you can connect to the Internet but you can’t get to a particular web page, test the link by going to a simple page like If that page works but the one you want to visit doesn’t, then there are two likely problems:

  • The web page you want is unavailable. A “Page Not Found” message (sometimes with the code 404) means that you’ve gotten all the way to a website but not to the specific page you requested. The page may have been removed, the link may be broken, or it may never have existed. In any case, it’s not your fault.

  • You’ve made settings (like refusing cookies or turning off Flash or Javascript) that the website is unhappy about. If you can’t get through to a website you know exists, and it’s important enough to change your settings, try going to the browser’s Options screen and enabling any privacy and security settings you’ve turned off. Make note of any changes you make to privacy settings so that you can reenable them later if you change your mind.

    When a particular page can’t be found, you usually get an error message from your Internet se
    When a particular page can’t be found, you usually get an error message from your Internet service provider.

Check the media format

If you reach the website you want, but can’t play the song or video you see there the media format may be incompatible with the BlackBerry PlayBook, or the underlying link may be broken. Visit the site from a personal or laptop computer and see if it works there.