How to Shop at the BlackBerry PlayBook Music Store - dummies

How to Shop at the BlackBerry PlayBook Music Store

By Corey Sandler

Besides syncing a file that’s on your computer to the storage memory inside your BlackBerry PlayBook, you have another way to add music to your portable tablet: buy it from an online seller. The official supplier of music for the BlackBerry PlayBook is a British company called 7digital. (Over time, other companies may come up with delivery systems to deliver tracks to your tablet.)

The PlayBook comes with an app that connects to 7digital. As The Beatles almost said, “All you need is a credit card.” Actually, you can visit the music store any time you want just to browse through its collection. For nearly all artists, you can tap an individual track and hear a 30-second sample of the music. But in order to make a purchase, you need to set up a 7digital account. Visa, MasterCard, or American Express, please.

Before you buy or download music (or any other content), make sure the time and date on your BlackBerry PlayBook are correct. Incorrect settings could cause problems with the licensing of the content; in legal terms you aren’t buying ownership of music or other content but instead buying a license to use them on your device.

Sign in to your 7digital account

Follow these directions:

  1. Swipe down from the top bezel.

  2. Tap the gear icon to display options.

  3. Tap the Sign In button.

    The Secure Sign In screen is shown.


Buy a song or complete album from your PlayBook

You can preview a song before you buy it: just tap the song. If what you hear has you bobbing your head, buy it!

  1. Tap the name or picture for a song or album.

  2. Tap the price button.

  3. If asked, enter your login information and click Sign In.

  4. Confirm your payment method.

  5. Tap Buy Now.


Adjust settings for your 7digital account

For further information about the terms and conditions of a 7digital account, visit their website.

Follow these steps:

  1. Swipe down from the top bezel.

  2. Tap the options icon.


  3. To turn off explicit content, clear the Allow Explicit Content check box.

  4. To add or change your payment method, sign in to your account, make changes, and tap Update.

Access your previously purchased music from your PlayBook

If you accidentally delete some music, the license lets you download previously purchased music as many as three more times.

  1. Tap the Music icon.

  2. Tap My Purchases.

  3. Follow onscreen instructions to re-download your music or video files.