How to Attach the Proper File Types on the BlackBerry PlayBook

By Corey Sandler

Security! The designers of the BlackBerry PlayBook must have that stenciled on the front of their computer screens, which is actually a pretty good watchword in these sometimes threatening times. Many of the decisions they made about the type of file that can be attached, transferred, or stored on the BlackBerry PlayBook are related to finding the most secure way to protect business or personal information.

(This is very much unlike the thought process of some other computer companies that seem to view all decisions through a marketing lens: what will earn the most profit?)

On the BlackBerry PlayBook, the following types of files are supported for viewing using the Bridge files utility:

  • PDF files, for display using Adobe Reader

  • DOC or DOCX text files for use with Word To Go

  • XLS or XLSX spreadsheet files for use with Sheet To Go

  • PPT PowerPoint files for use with Slideshow To Go

In ordinary use of the BlackBerry PlayBook, these types of files — from specific locations — can be opened and used:

  • PDF files stored to the internal memory of the tablet or sent as attachments to e-mail

  • XLS, XLSX, DOC, DOCX, or PPT files sent as an e-mail attachment or saved to the internal memory of the tablet

  • Pictures, videos, and music files