Handy Tips for Using Your Xoom - dummies

Handy Tips for Using Your Xoom

By Andy Rathbone

Part of MOTOROLA XOOM For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Your Motorola Xoom gives you a large screen on which to display all your books, magazines, newspapers, movies, and digital photos. Here are a few things that can keep you working — and playing — on your Xoom efficiently.

  • Talk instead of type: Touch the keyboard’s microphone icon to tell your Xoom what to do. It usually translates your voice into words without a hitch.

  • Copy or cut text: Press your finger on a word or phrase, and slider bars quickly surround your chosen word. Drag the slider bars in or out to corral the word or phrase’s beginning and end. Then, choose Cut or Copy from the menu.

  • Paste text: Press your finger where you’d like to paste, and choose Paste from the pop-up menu.

  • Keep your apps updated: Visit the Android Market, and touch My Apps. Apps with a newer version appear in the top-left corner. Touch the Update button to update them all.

  • Buy a Camera Transfer Kit: This woefully misnamed cable sounds like a one-trick pony. It lets you plug in a digital camera to view or copy its photos into your Xoom. That’s nirvana for digital photographers, but this little cable offers much more. It also lets you plug in a “real” USB keyboard, a mouse, and other USB gadgetry to bring your Xoom that much closer to a “real” computer.

  • Buy a micro-HDMI cable: Plug this cable into your Xoom’s micro-HDMI port, and plug the other end into an HDTV or monitor to see your Xoom’s screen on the big screen. It’s an easy way to show off digital photos and movies or watch YouTube.