Get the Most from Your BlackBerry PlayBook Battery - dummies

Get the Most from Your BlackBerry PlayBook Battery

By Corey Sandler

Usually, when you look at the things that use up battery in a computer, you consider things like the hard disk drive, CD/DVD motors, and fans. But the BlackBerry PlayBook has no moving parts. Instead, its biggest electrical power suckers are the touchscreen backlighting, the power consumed by the microprocessor and memory, and the various radio transmitters it uses (WiFi, Bluetooth, and cellular).

With good luck and good practices, the BlackBerry PlayBook battery should last for several years and a full charge for a day’s work. What are good practices?

  • At least at the start, allow your PlayBook battery to become completely or nearly completely discharged before you recharge it. Do this four or five times in a row to teach the battery a bit about its capabilities.

  • Set the screen brightness no higher than you need it. The higher you set the brightness, the more battery power is consumed. From the Options page, choose Screen. Use the slider to make it darker.

  • Make the Backlight Time-out and Standby Time-out options as short as what you can deal with. The system will hibernate when it detects no activity, but will quickly come back to where it was with a horizontal swipe.

    You can manually put the device into standby mode by briefly pressing the power button on the top edge of the tablet. To bring it back to life from this form of standby, swipe down from the top frame to the bottom frame.


  • Turn off WiFi when you don’t need it. From the Options page, tap the WiFi icon and turn the switch to Off. Also turn off Bluetooth when you don’t need it. From the Options page, tap the Bluetooth icon and turn the switch to Off.

  • If it doesn’t affect your working pattern, set the system to pause apps when you show the home screen or switch between apps.

    1. From the Options page, tap the General tab.

    2. Set the Application Behavior switch to Paused.


  • Although the tablet uses a small amount of power when it’s in standby mode, you need to turn it off to completely stop the power drain. You can do this in one of two ways:

    • Press and hold the Power button until it displays the Turn Off panel. Tap Turn Off.

    • Tap the Power Off app (on the home screen) and then tap Turn Off.