Geo-Tag Photos with Your PlayBook Camera - dummies

Geo-Tag Photos with Your PlayBook Camera

By Corey Sandler

You can use the camera in your BlackBerry PlayBook to geo-tag your photos so you know where you were when you took those images. Geo-tagging marks photos with your approximate location on the planet.

  1. Tap anywhere on the touchscreen image (except on the virtual shutter release).

    The controls appear.

  2. Tap the little compass-like icon in the lower left.

    Geo-tagging is turned on; a set of radio waves will appear to the right of the icon to indicate that the service is on.

  3. Tap the icon a second time to turn off geo-tagging.

Geo-tagging uses GPS, WiFi router locations, or cell tower identification to show your approximate spot on the globe. This intriguing feature doesn’t yet have applications that use the information it collects.

But eventually you should be able to take pictures and then have a program figure out where you were at the moment. Or perhaps you could photograph your keys before you go to sleep at night and in the morning ask the PlayBook to help you find where they are.

Note: As befits a security-oriented company like Research in Motion, IT managers can disable the geo-tagging function in certain situations.