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General Settings on Your BlackBerry PlayBook

By Corey Sandler

On their BlackBerry PlayBooks, most users won’t want to change the Application Behavior setting from Default; leaving it as is means an application stays active in the background until another application is maximized. However, if you’re running on battery power, leaving an application running in the background can quickly run down the charge.

  • Paused. No applications in the background will use the tablet’s processor until you tap to activate them.

  • Showcase. This makes all open applications active, whether they’re in the foreground or background. That’s really nifty: you could listen to music while you play a game and your browser downloads a huge file. In a perfect world, everything will work properly and there will be no slowdown of any of the applications.

  • Demo Mode. This runs short movies anytime the PlayBook is idle and plugged into a charger; otherwise, the demo mode would just run down the battery anytime the tablet wasn’t doing something else.

    When it comes down to it, this feature may appeal to a retail store that wants its BlackBerry PlayBook tablets display to put on a pretty face at all times. For those who are already enamored, it serves no real purpose.

    Should you change application behavior? It doesn’t hurt to experiment with the various settings, but you’ll get more enjoyment and productivity by leaving it at its default setting.

    Some software developer may ask (or require) changing Application Behavior settings to allow some nifty new program to wash the dishes and dance the mazurka at the same time. Remember that you can always change the setting back to Default if you notice lowered performance.