Edit a Word Document in Word To Go - dummies

Edit a Word Document in Word To Go

By Corey Sandler

To change or add to an existing Word document, open the doc in Word To Go on your BlackBerry PlayBook. You can choose a recent document or tap Browse to search your BlackBerry PlayBook (or a linked BlackBerry smartphone) for a DOC or DOCX file.

When the file is open, move through the document by swiping up from the bottom of the screen; the speed of your swipe will determine how much of the text will move.

Word To Go shows horizontal lines across the bottom of what would be pages, but numbering (as well as headers, footers, and comments) doesn’t show up.

To work with the existing document, do one of the following actions:

  • Press and hold your finger for a second anywhere in the text. A set of markers will appear in the text and a pop-up appears displayed. You can move the two markers to highlight a single word, a sentence, or one or more paragraphs. Then tap one of the options in the pop-up:

    • Cut

    • Copy

    • Paste

    • Cancel Selection


  • Tap a word to see if Word To Go offers an alternate spelling. This is not quite the same as a full-featured spellchecker, but it does accomplish some of the same tasks. If the app has some suggestions that doesn’t mean the word is wrong. If you want to make a change, tap one of the alternates.

  • Tap anywhere in the document to place a marker. Move it by touching it and dragging it elsewhere. From the marker, you can insert new text. You can also use the left-arrow key to delete text to the left of the marker. All of the font, paragraph, and symbol functions that are offered to create a new document are also available to you in editing.

  • When you’re finished editing the document, display the option menu by swiping down from the top bezel.

  • Tap Save to replace the previous copy of the document with the edited version; it’s stored in the same place with the same filename. Tap Save As to give your work a new name. The file is usually stored on your PlayBook, but if you have a BlackBerry smartphone linked to your tablet, you can tap Save To and have the new file stored in the smartphone’s Flash memory.

In general, it is good practice to use Save As when you change a document. This preserves the original version and makes a new copy; you can always go back and delete the originals once you’re satisfied that the new work is an improvement on the old.