Creating a New E-Mail Message on Your Pocket PC - dummies

Creating a New E-Mail Message on Your Pocket PC

By Brian Underdahl

Creating an email message is a very simple process. It’s almost the same as writing out a quick note except that you need to add the recipient’s address and a subject line to an email message.

To create an email message, tap New on the Pocket Inbox menu bar. This opens a message form like the one shown in Figure 1. Then, follow these steps:

Enter your email message using the message form shown here.

Figure 1: Enter your email message using the message form shown here.

1. Tap the down arrows to the right of the subject line to display the Cc, Bcc, and Service fields in addition to the To and Subj fields.

2. Enter the name of the recipient or his email address in the To field.

You can click To if you want to select the message recipients from your address list. If you click To, you see only those people in your address list who have email addresses.

3. Use the Subj line to briefly describe your message.

Coming up with a good subject line can be a real art because you want to distill your meaning down to just a few words. The message recipient needs to be able to grasp how important the message is from seeing the first few words of the subject line — long subject lines probably won’t display completely in his or her Inbox.

The Bcc (blind carbon copy) field is a really handy tool. People you list only in the Bcc field get the message, but their name and email address don’t appear on their copy of the message, nor on anyone else’s copy. You can use this to great advantage if you need to send the same message separately to a whole bunch of people, because no one knows who else was listed in the Bcc field of the message, and therefore won’t know who else got the message. The Bcc field offers two other advantages, too. If you print an email message, the message header normally prints at the top of the message, and the header contains a list of the recipients. By using the Bcc field for most recipients, you reduce the amount of paper needed to print the message. Also, by using the Bcc field, you eliminate the problem of someone responding by clicking the Reply All button because if no recipients are shown, you’re the only person who gets the reply.

4. After you’ve finished composing your message, click the Send button to place the message into your Outbox folder.

Items in the Outbox folder go out the next time the mail server is contacted.