Conserve Battery Life on Your Smartphones and Laptops - dummies

Conserve Battery Life on Your Smartphones and Laptops

Smartphones and laptops can give you near-instantaneous access to the Internet no matter where you are, but all that accessibility means nothing if your battery is dead. If you’re ultimately concerned with battery life, take these tips to space out your recharging.


  • *Turn off Bluetooth connections unless you’re using them. The connectivity to other devices may be helpful, but it sucks down life even if you’re not using it.

  • Turn off wireless unless you’re using it. Again, unless you’re actively using a Wi-Fi network, turning off the feature saves you some energy.

  • Turn off 3G unless you’re using it. Faster networks require more power. You can always turn it on later if you have to.

  • Turn off push notification. Using push notifications for your applications means your smartphone is actively open for new notifications at all times, and that takes energy. Again, unless it’s important, leave it off.

  • Turn down the brightness. Brighter screens mean more power.

  • By paying attention and using features only when you use them, your device remains active longer. It’s a little effort that goes a long way.