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Clock and Timer Suite Apps for Your BlackBerry Playbook

By Corey Sandler

The multi-faced clock and timer suite is one of the apps on your BlackBerry PlayBook dedicated to helping someone with limited time make the most of limited money.

With this high-tech analog-look or digital-look clock you can:

  • Use it as an alarm.

  • Create more than one clock, label each, and set them to differing time zones. (You can see three clock faces on the screen and scroll left or right to view more.)

  • Use it as a stopwatch.

  • Use it as a countdown timer.

You can set any one of the clocks as your home time, which is quite helpful when you travel. Then you can assign each and every clock with an alarm time. Want to wake up at 8 a.m. in Rome, then be reminded to call the family six hours later when it is 8 a.m. in Boston? No problem.


Here are the controls for the clock, stopwatch, and timer:

  • Edit a clock. Tap the clock face. At the top of the control panel, make sure Clock is selected.

    • Name. Tap in the open box and type a name for the clock. Most users name one clock “Home” and others with the names of cities they visit or places with which they have business dealings.

    • Time Zone. Choose from zones that cover nearly every place on the planet. There’s even a plus 5.75-hour setting for Kathmandu.

    • Clock Face. Select between traditional analog, a simple silver on white display, or the electronic blue-green numbers of the digital display.

    • Set as Home Clock. You can select one of the clocks as your home clock, giving it the prime location on the display.


  • Add a new clock. Swipe down from the top bezel and tap New Clock. Set the options, and then tap away from the options panel to close the settings.

  • Delete a clock. Tap a clock and then tap Delete. (You can’t delete the original clock, or one that you’ve marked as your home clock.)

  • Display the date. Swipe down from the top bezel and locate the Date switch at the right side. Slide it to On to show the month, date, and year; slide it to Off to suppress that display.

  • Set an alarm. Tap any clock you have set up, and then tap Alarm. Roll through to select the hour and minute, and be sure to choose a.m. or p.m. as needed. You can also choose from several appropriately annoying sounds.


  • Time an event on the stopwatch. Tap the stopwatch. Tap Start to begin timing; tap Stop to end timing. You can estimate the time looking at the analog position of the second hand, or read a more precise time by looking at the digital readout above the Start/Stop button.

  • Time a lap or a segment of time on the stopwatch. While the stopwatch is active, tap the Lap button. The timer under the Start/Stop button keeps running but the timer under the Lap button resets to 0. When you tap the Stop button, you’ll have a total elapsed time above Start/Stop and a Lap time to its right. To time a new event, tap Reset.

  • Set the timer. Tap the timer. Then roll through the hours and minutes dials to choose the allotted time. (The default setting is 10 minutes, but you can set the time for as many as 23 hours and 59 minutes, or as little as 1 minute.) You can choose the alarm sound. Then tap Start.

When any of the clocks, or the stopwatch, or timer have been set with an alarm, you can close or minimize the screen and perform other tasks; the BlackBerry PlayBook will keep track of the various timers in the background and interrupt you with any asked-for alarms.