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Checking Signal Strength on Your Palm Device

As the Palm VII becomes popular, you’ll be able to take advantage to wireless features nearly everywhere. In the early going, however, you’ll be able to use Palm.Net, the Palm VII service, in only selected areas. That means that you’ll be fine in most big cities and at airports, although when you’re in seclusion deep in the woods, you may be unable to check the headlines on your Palm VII. But that’s what seclusion is for, right? The rest of your Palm VII will work fine, but you won’t be able to check your e-mail until you return to civilization.

A Palm Query Application can’t retrieve information for you unless you’re within range of the signal. The Palm.Net signal is available in some locations but not in others, just like your favorite radio program, so you need to check to be sure.

To check Palm.Net signal strength:

1. Raise the Palm VII antenna.

The Palm.Net applications picker appears

2. Tap the Diagnostics icon.

The diagnostics program logs on to Palm.Net and shows you how strong your signal is, as shown in Figure 1.


Figure 1: The bars in the Diagnostics application show you how strong the Palm.Net signal is where you are.

If the signal is weak or absent at your location, you may do better if you move close to a window. If there’s just no signal in your area yet, you just have to wait until your area is covered.