Change Browser Options on the BlackBerry PlayBook - dummies

Change Browser Options on the BlackBerry PlayBook

By Corey Sandler

As any user of the World Wide Web can attest, it’s sometimes a bit of the Wild Wild West out there. Research in Motion has come to the rescue with some useful security and privacy features for the BlackBerry PlayBook browser.

To display the browser options, swipe down from the top frame. Then tap the gear icon. Here are the available options:

  • Turn on private browsing. Tap Privacy & Security and then set the Private Browsing switch to On. When on, the browser only stores your history, cached files (temporary copies of pages you have visited), cookies, and certain other technical information. When you close the browser, this information is deleted.


  • Delete saved data. Tap Privacy & Security and then tap Clear All.

  • Share your location with websites. If you don’t mind allowing websites to know where you’re located, tap Permissions and then set the Allow Websites to Access My Location switch to On. Sometimes this is a nice feature; for example, your local news page may display the forecast for your current location.

  • Choosing a home page. Not all that surprisingly, the PlayBook browser comes to you with its home page as To change it, open the browser and swipe down from the top bezel to display the status screen. Tap the gear icon and then choose General. You’re presented with a page full of customizations; tap in the open section alongside Home Page and type in the web address you want to use.