BlackBerry: Typing Shortcuts - dummies

By Robert Kao, Dante Sarigumba

Part of BlackBerry For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Speed up your typing on the BlackBerry by using these handy shortcuts. You may find the typing shortcuts on your BlackBerry especially helpful when you view an e-mail or a web page, or reply to an e-mail. You can use these shortcuts with any BlackBerry application.

To SureType QWERTY
Turn on Num Lock. Alt+Shift Alt+left Shift
Turn on Caps Lock. n/a Alt+right Shift
Turn off Num or Caps Lock. Alt Shift
Go to the top of a page or list. ER key T
Go to the bottom of a page or list. CV key B
Insert a period. Space twice n/a
Capitalize a letter. Press and hold the letter key n/a
Insert @ or a period for an e-mail address. Space n/a
Type an accented or special character. Hold the letter key and scroll with the trackpad left or
Switch between input languages. Alt+Enter n/a