BlackBerry Pearl Message Application Shortcuts

By Robert Kao, Dante Sarigumba

Part of BlackBerry Pearl 3G For Dummies Cheat Sheet

When your BlackBerry Pearl is in the Message List, you can use the following Message application keyboard shortcuts. To get to the BlackBerry Pearl Message application, select the Messages icon from the Home screen.

Action Shortcut
List received messages Alt+3
List call logs Alt+.
List voice mail Alt+7
List SMS messages Alt+?
Page down 2
Page up 8
Action Shortcut
Reply to an e-mail !
Reply to all ?
Forward an e-mail .
Compose an e-mail ,
Move to previous position when the e-mail is last viewed 5
Action Shortcut
Search the attachment Q
View cell content of the attached spreadsheet Space
Move to cell within the attached spreadsheet A
Change column size of the attached spreadsheet Z
Switch between TOC and full content in the attached
View slide show in the attached presentation A
Stop slide show in the attached presentation Escape
Switch presentation views in the attached presentation Z