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BlackBerry Pearl For Dummies Cheat Sheet

From BlackBerry Pearl For Dummies

By Robert Kao, Dante Sarigumba, Marie-Claude Kao, Yosma Sarigumba

The BlackBerry Pearl is a smartphone you can use to e-mail, browse the web, take photos, and more. Maximize your BlackBerry Pearl by customizing the Home screen with wallpaper, saving frequently used web addresses, and scheduling automatic backups.

Add Wallpaper to the BlackBerry Pearl Home Screen

Like your desktop PC, you can customize your BlackBerry Pearl to have personalized wallpaper for your Home screen. Set an image to be your BlackBerry Home screen background by using the BlackBerry Media application, as follows:

  1. From the Home screen, press the Menu key and select Media.

    The Media application opens, and you see several categories: Music, Video, Ringtones, and Pictures.

  2. Select the Picture category.

    Doing so brings up two folders named Preloaded Media and Device Memory. The Preloaded Media folder stores pictures that came with your BlackBerry Pearl, and the Device Memory folder stores pictures that you took with your camera.

  3. Select the Preloaded Media folder.

    You see all the pictures in the folder. If you’ve taken pictures with the BlackBerry Pearl camera, you might want to use the Device Memory folder instead.

  4. Select the picture you want to use for your home screen background.

    The selected picture appears in full-screen view.

  5. Press the Menu key and select Set as Home Screen Image.

    The picture is set as your new Home screen wallpaper.

  6. Press and hold the Escape key to return to the Home screen to see the result.

Save Web Page Addresses on Your Blackberry Pearl

While you’re viewing a web page on your BlackBerry Pearl, simply use the Browser menu to save that page’s address. By doing so, you can return to a page without manually entering the same address.

You can save a web page address in a couple of ways:

  • Page Address: This option allows you to view the web address of the current page through a pop-up screen. From this pop-up screen, you can save the page’s address on your BlackBerry Clipboard and paste it in as a memo for yourself or send it to yourself or somebody else via Messages (e-mail). Convenient, right?

    When you select Send Address from the pop-up menu, you’re taken to Address Book to select your e-mail recipient, and the rest is the same as sending a regular e-mail.

  • Save Page: Use this option to save the web address of the current page to Messages. A message appears with the Browser globe icon to indicate that it’s a web link.

    Scrolling to that entry and pressing Enter launches Browser and opens the page for your viewing pleasure. Saving a page to your message list has a different purpose than bookmarking a page. When you save a page to your message list, you can mark the page as unread, like an e-mail message, to remind yourself to check back later.

When you don’t have network coverage and you try to access a web page, you’re prompted to save your request. When you do, your request is automatically saved in the message list. Then, when you do have coverage later, you can open the same web page from the message list, and it has the loaded content already!

Pressing a letter key while you’re in a menu selects the first menu item that starts with that letter. Pressing the same letter again selects the next menu item that starts with that letter.

Schedule Automatic Backups on Your Blackberry Pearl

You can schedule automatic backups on your Blackberry Pearl in six quick steps. When you schedule automated backups of your BlackBerry Pearl, you can really have peace of mind when it comes to preventing information loss.

To set up an autobackup:

  1. From the BlackBerry Desktop Manager (BDM), double-click the Backup and Restore icon.

    The Backup and Restore screen appears.

  2. Click the Options button.

    The Backup and Restore Options screen appears, where you can schedule automatic backups.

  3. Enable the Automatically Backup My Device Every option.

    This enables you to configure more options (check boxes and options become active), such as how often Desktop Manager should back up your BlackBerry.

  4. Select the number of days, between 1 and 99, in the numeric Days field.

    This interval sets how often your BlackBerry will be backed up. For example, if you enter 14 days, your BlackBerry will be backed up every 14 days.

  5. In the When Automatically Backing Up My Device section, select the Backup All Device Application Data option.

    This backs up all the data on your Pearl each time autobackup runs.

    Although you have the option to exclude e-mail messages and information, such as from Address Book, to-do’s, and memos, you should back up everything each time without any exclusion.

  6. Confirm your settings by clicking OK.

    Now you can go on with your life without caring too much about backing up information on your BlackBerry.

To run a backup, you need to connect your BlackBerry Pearl to your PC. Thus, if you travel often or just don’t link your BlackBerry to your PC often, make sure you plug your Pearl into your PC once in a while so the autobackup has a chance to back up your information.