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BlackBerry Pearl 3G For Dummies Cheat Sheet

From BlackBerry Pearl 3G For Dummies

By Robert Kao, Dante Sarigumba

Your BlackBerry Pearl 3G can improve productivity and change your life while you’re on the go. Knowing all sorts of shortcuts for the BlackBerry Pearl will boost your efficiency even further. Discover how to navigate the screens with simple and easy-to-use keyboard shortcuts so that you can quickly navigate the screen, compose e-mail messages, surf the Web, browse through and respond to your messages, and move around the Calendar app.

Common BlackBerry Pearl Shortcuts

Using your Blackberry Pearl is so much faster when you know the shortcuts. Some of the shortcuts are common to all BlackBerry Pearl applications. Knowing the following shortcuts is a great timesaver and improves your BlackBerry Pearl experience significantly.

Action Shortcut
Move up in a screen 3
Move down in a screen 9
Move to the top of the screen 1
Move to the bottom of the screen 7
Move to a menu item First letter of the menu item
Switch applications Alt + Escape
Go to the Home screen End
Lock the keyboard *
Unlock the keyboard Send + *
Toggle between Default and Vibrate profiles #
Move to next item 6
Move to previous item 4
Exit or back to previous screen Escape

BlackBerry Pearl Typing Shortcuts

Speed up your typing on the BlackBerry Pearl with these handy shortcuts. The typing shortcuts on your BlackBerry Pearl are especially helpful when composing or replying to an e-mail. You can use these shortcuts with any BlackBerry application:

Action Shortcut
Turn on Num lock Alt + Shift
Turn off Num lock Alt
Capitalize a letter Letter, pressed down
Insert a period Space twice
Insert @ or a period in an e-mail address Space
Select text Shift and scroll trackpad
Cancel text selection Escape
Copy selected text Alt + trackpad
Cut selected text Shift + Del
Paste selected text Shift + trackpad
Type an accented or a special character Press down on letter and scroll trackpad left or right
Type a symbol Symbol
Switch between input languages Alt + Enter

BlackBerry Pearl Browser Shortcuts

Make Web browsing on your BlackBerry Pearl faster and easier with the following keyboard shortcuts. These shortcuts are available whenever you use the BlackBerry Browser application on your BlackBerry Pearl. To get to the Browser application, simply select the Browser icon from the Home screen.

Action Shortcut
View Thumbnail version of page X
Bookmark page ?
Hide or unhide banner !
Refresh current page R
Insert period in Go To field Space
Insert slash in Go To field Shift + Space
Stop loading Web page Escape (arrow key to the right of the trackpad)
Close browser Press and hold Escape (arrow key to the right of the trackball
or trackpad)
Move to specific page . (period)
Open bookmarks 5

BlackBerry Pearl Message Application Shortcuts

When your BlackBerry Pearl is in the Message List, you can use the following Message application keyboard shortcuts. To get to the BlackBerry Pearl Message application, select the Messages icon from the Home screen.

Action Shortcut
List received messages Alt+3
List call logs Alt+.
List voice mail Alt+7
List SMS messages Alt+?
Page down 2
Page up 8
Action Shortcut
Reply to an e-mail !
Reply to all ?
Forward an e-mail .
Compose an e-mail ,
Move to previous position when the e-mail is last viewed 5
Action Shortcut
Search the attachment Q
View cell content of the attached spreadsheet Space
Move to cell within the attached spreadsheet A
Change column size of the attached spreadsheet Z
Switch between TOC and full content in the attached
View slide show in the attached presentation A
Stop slide show in the attached presentation Escape
Switch presentation views in the attached presentation Z

BlackBerry Pearl Calendar Shortcuts

When using the BlackBerry Pearl Calendar application, take advantage of the following keyboard shortcuts. Get to the BlackBerry Pearl Calendar application by selecting the Calendar icon from the Home screen. Make sure the Enable Quick Entry option is turned off in Calendar Options.

Action Shortcut
Schedule an appointment . (period)
Move ahead one hour 2
Move to the next day, week, or month 6
Move to the previous day, week, or month 4