BlackBerry: Message Application Shortcuts - dummies

BlackBerry: Message Application Shortcuts

By Robert Kao, Dante Sarigumba

Part of BlackBerry For Dummies Cheat Sheet

When your BlackBerry is in the Message application, you can use the following Message application keyboard shortcuts. To get to the BlackBerry Message application, select the Messages icon from the Home screen.

Sort/Filter SureType QWERTY
List incoming e-mail only Alt+UI key Alt+I
List phone calls only Alt+OP key Alt+P
List SMS messages only Alt+AS key Alt+S
List voicemail only Alt+CV key Alt+V
List outgoing e-mail only n/a Alt+O
Navigating SureType QWERTY
Oldest e-mail CV key B
Newest e-mail ER key T
Previous day DF key P
Next day JK key N
Read next unread e-mail * key U
Next page M or Space Space
Previous page UI key Shift+Space
Open e-mail GH key or trackpad Enter or trackpad
Other SureType QWERTY
Compose e-mail L C
Forward e-mail OP key F
Reply to QW key R
Reply to all AS key L