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BlackBerry Bold For Dummies Cheat Sheet

From BlackBerry Bold For Dummies

By Dante Sarigumba, Robert Kao

The BlackBerry Bold keyboard accesses the e-mail, Internet browsing, and text message features of this powerful smartphone to keep you connected and organized. These shortcuts guide you through the options of the Bold’s QWERTY keyboard.

BlackBerry Bold Home Screen Shortcuts

BlackBerry Bold applications for e-mail, Web browsing, , personal management, and text messages can be accessed from the Home screen. Pop open an application using the following keyboard shortcuts. When the Dial from Home Screen option is turned off in Phone Options, you can open these applications with the press of a key.

Application Shortcut key
Messages M
Saved Messages V
Compose C
Search S
Address Book A
Alarm R
Tasks T
Profile F
Browser B
Calendar L
Calculator U
MemoPad D
Vibrate profile (vibrate on/off) #
On/Off and Backlight Power key
Phone Send button

Typing Shortcuts for the BlackBerry Bold

BlackBerry Bold typing shortcuts for e-mail, SMS text messages, and personal management can save you time and trouble as you read and enter information.

To Do This . . . . . . Use This Shortcut
Turn on Num lock Alt + left Shift
Turn on Cap lock Alt + right Shift
Turn off Num or Cap lock Shift
Go to top of a page or list T
Go to bottom of a page or list B
Insert period Space twice
Capitalize letter Press and hold letter
Insert @ or period for e-mail address Space
Type accented or special character Hold letter and scroll trackball left or right
Switch between input language Alt + enter

BlackBerry Bold Web Browser Shortcuts

BlackBerry Bold’s keyboard makes Internet surfing and Web browsing faster and more convenient. This table lists the actions you can take with the press of a key.

Action Keyboard Shortcut
Open Go To field G
Open bookmark list K
Hide or unhide banner U
Refresh current page R
Insert period in Go To field Space
Insert slash in Go To field Shift + Space
Stop loading Web page Escape
Close browser Press and hold Escape

BlackBerry Bold Message List Shortcuts

BlackBerry Bold’s keyboard accesses e-mail, Web browsing, voice mail, and SMS text message application options while you read the message list. These tables list the actions and keys that sort, filter, navigate, create, and delete messages.

Sort/Filter commands

Command Keyboard
List incoming e-mail only Alt+I
List phone calls only Alt+P
List SMS messages only Alt+S
List voice mail only Alt+V
List outgoing e-mail only Alt+O

Navigation commands

Command Keyboard
Oldest e-mail B
Newest e-mail T
Previous day P
Next day N
Read next unread e-mail U
Next page Space
Previous page Shift+Space
Open e-mail Enter, or press trackball

Creating messages commands

Command Keyboard
Compose e-mail C
Forward e-mail F
Reply to R
Reply to all L