Arrange Desktop Icons on Your BlackBerry PlayBook - dummies

Arrange Desktop Icons on Your BlackBerry PlayBook

By Corey Sandler

It doesn’t take long for your clean BlackBerry PlayBook desktop to begin to look like the aftermath of an explosion in a cartoon candy store. The total of basic apps alone is about 40, and most users will double that with ordinary use.

Here’s a quick but temporary way to organize your icons: turn the BlackBerry PlayBook 90 degrees so that you’re looking at the home screen in portrait mode. In landscape mode, you’ll see a maximum of 18 icons on screen; as a portrait the PlayBook can display 24.

Now, consider how to organize the icons to make them easier to find and use. The icons you use most often should be at the top of the list and those you use less often should go to the bottom.

Here’s how to move around icons:

  1. Select the group to be customized.

    The operating system comes with folders labeled All, Favorites, Media, Games, and BlackBerry Bridge.

  2. Open the folder.

    If the group doesn’t already occupy the lower two-thirds of the screen, swipe up to maximize them.

  3. Tap and hold on to an icon.

    After about a second, all of the icons in the drawer will start pulsing — enlarging slightly and shrinking, almost as if they were breathing in and out.

  4. Touch an icon and drag it where you want it.

    When you let go, the icon will drop into place and push other icons to the right, or to the next row down as necessary.

  5. When you’re done, tap the small checkmark icon in the upper-left corner.

    The icons will stop pulsing or jiggling or breathing and they will be locked into position.