Apps Core on a BlackBerry PlayBook - dummies

Apps Core on a BlackBerry PlayBook

By Corey Sandler

The promised native apps for the BlackBerry PlayBook are based on the same structure and commands as those on the smartphone, and the BlackBerry Bridge, which you can set up between the tablet and most BlackBerry phones, allows the PlayBook to reach into the phone and bring the data onto its larger screen.

The basic built-in personal information and productivity apps on a BlackBerry smartphone are called, with elegant simplicity:

  • Messages. This is a catch-all phrase for a catch-all app. A BlackBerry device can receive e-mails, text messages, video messages, and instant messages, and they all end up here, in a nicely presented and neatly organized display. This is also the place from which you can send any of the aforementioned to someone else.

  • Contacts. The people you know and work with are here, gathered nicely in an alphabetized and searchable directory. You can include e-mail addresses, BlackBerry PIN information, instant messaging IDs, voice phone numbers, snail mail addresses, and notes.

  • Calendar. This holds a few days’, a few months’, or years’ worth of appointments, reminders, and other information.

  • Tasks. You can set up a specialized to-do list for nearly any purpose. You can tie it to the calendar to set up alarms and e-mail reminders.

  • MemoPad. This catch-all utility stores notes, reminders, recipes, formulas, plot twists for your next bestseller, or any other snippet of information. A search function allows you to hunt for words in the title of any stored memo.