Advanced BlackBerry PlayBook Options for Bridge Users - dummies

Advanced BlackBerry PlayBook Options for Bridge Users

By Corey Sandler

Anyone who has used a BlackBerry smartphone will be quickly at ease when working on a BlackBerry PlayBook linked by the Bridge. All of the basic functions — the calendar, contact book, e-mail, MemoPad, and tasks — are there. The difference is that they show up on a much larger screen in a much more usable design.

Among the biggest beneficiaries of the Bridge is the calendar, which you can now easily use in monthly view — something that was tough on the small screen of a BlackBerry smartphone. And the Bridge Browser substitutes the advanced BlackBerry PlayBook browser for the somewhat hobbled BlackBerry smartphones.

Here are some advanced tips for using BlackBerry Bridge.

How to lock the Bridge between your PlayBook and smartphone

You can lock the Bridge to prevent unauthorized access to the data on your phone, which isn’t a bad idea for anyone — and especially if you store sensitive information. Remember that the information stays on the phone but doesn’t move over to the PlayBook in ordinary use; the password actually locks access to the phone.

The lock will use whatever password has been put in place on the phone; if you haven’t established one and you want to lock the phone, you have to close the Bridge and add a password on the smartphone. To enable the lock, follow these steps:

  1. Connect the PlayBook to the smartphone by BlackBerry Bridge.

  2. Go to the tablet’s home screen and tap the Bridge icon.

    It shows you the connection status and the name of the phone to which the tablet is linked.

  3. Tap the Lock button to lock the link.

    Tap Unlock to remove the need for a passcode.

How to sort the mail with the PlayBook’s mail app

The PlayBook’s mail app lets you sort mail according to which incoming address was used. (BlackBerry smartphone users are allowed to link to as many as ten accounts using the BIS service; if your phone is managed by a corporate IT department under BlackBerry Enterprise Services there may be other rules in effect, allowing more or less incoming accounts.)

At the top of the message inbox, depending on the current view, tap either

  • All Messages

  • The name of the currently displayed address; choose the one you want to see

How to view mail by folders on the PlayBook

To view a specific folder of your mail, follow these steps:

  1. Tap the down arrow at the top of the message pane.

  2. Choose View Folders.

    You see all registered e-mail accounts and the subfolders within.

  3. Choose one to view.

    To return to the general display, tap the down arrow again, and choose All Messages.

How to move mail to a folder on the PlayBook

You can move a message from its existing folder to another that already exists on the account by tapping the mail folder icon at the bottom of the screen; it sits just to the left of the red flag icon.