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Advanced App Shopping on Your BlackBerry PlayBook

By Corey Sandler

With the introduction of the BlackBerry PlayBook, BlackBerry App World has expanded its offerings to include apps for the tablet. Some of the products are free, supported by advertising, or given away in hopes of enticing you to upgrade to versions with a wider range of features.

Apps that are sold (such as simple tools) usually begin at 99 cents and rise from there; based on the history with smartphones, only a handful of highly specialized apps are likely to have prices above $20.

A number of app makers also let you download a free trial of their product. In some cases this is a limited version (perhaps allowing only a certain number of uses, or remaining active only for a short period of time). In other situations, the trial might consist of an edition that allows you to sample its features but not save or transmit any final work.

These extra features are available in the store:

  • Download a trial or lite version. If a limited-time or limited-feature trial edition of an app is available, look for a button that says Download Trial. Be sure you understand the limitations that go with the trial period.

  • Update an app. Go to My World and examine the list of installed apps. If you see an Upgrade button, tap that and follow the instructions. In most cases, minor updates are offered for free to registered purchasers. Major upgrades may require an additional fee.

  • Delete or remove an app. Go to My World and examine the list of installed apps. Tap Delete to remove it from your tablet.


  • Update your BlackBerry ID account information. Load the web browser and go to the BlackBerry ID site and follow the instructions there.

  • Change the payment method. Because your BlackBerry PlayBook automatically signs in to the BlackBerry App World, you have to change your method of payment from a different device. It’s easier from a PC or Mac personal or laptop computer.

    1. Use the computer’s browser and go to the BlackBerry web store.

    2. Click the Sign In link in the upper-right corner.

    3. Enter your BlackBerry ID username and password and click Login.

    4. Click My Payment Options in the upper-right corner of the Featured Items page.

    5. Select the method of payment you want to use and then click Next.

    6. Fill in the requested information for credit card or bank account.

    7. Confirm your choice.