Adding Categories to a To-Do List on Your Palm - dummies

Adding Categories to a To-Do List on Your Palm

People who use Palm devices are often busy people with scads of things to do. If you’re usually juggling too many tasks to fit on one little screen, you’ll find assigning categories to your tasks useful. You can look through them all with a few clicks of the To Do List button. Sooner or later, you’ll want to create categories of your own.

Follow these steps to create a new category:

1. With the To Do List open, tap the name of the category in the upper-right corner of the screen.

The list of available categories appears.

2. Tap Edit Categories.

The Edit Categories screen appears.

3. Tap New.

The Edit Categories dialog box opens.

4. Enter the name of the category that you want to add by using either the on-screen keyboard or Graffiti.

5. Tap OK.

The name that you entered appears in the Edit Categories dialog box, and the dialog box closes.

6. Tap OK again.

The Edit Categories screen disappears.

Remember that you’re better off if you stick to a few well-used categories rather than dozens of categories that you never look at. A To Do List should focus on the things that you really plan to do; otherwise, you could just call it a “Round Tuit” list — things that you’ll do if you ever get around to it.