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Useful Features on the Fire Phone’s Onscreen Keyboard

By Dan Gookin

You will probably come to be very familiar with your Fire phone’s onscreen keyboard. But don’t think that you are limited to basic manual typing. Here are a few features that can help save you some time.

Predicting your next word

The Fire phone tries its best to guess which word you’ll type next. The suggestions appear above the onscreen keyboard. As you type, the suggestions become more specific until the word you want appears. Tap that word to insert it into your text.

The keyboard lists suggestions above the keyboard — suggestions that would make sense in context. Sometimes dozens of suggestions appear, in which case you can swipe the list to the left to view them all.


When a word is highlighted, tapping the Space key automatically inserts that word.

When the desired word doesn’t appear, continue typing: The predictive-text feature begins making suggestions based on what you’ve typed so far. Touch the correct word when it appears, or if the word is highlighted, tap the Space key.

Dealing with spelling errors

When you type a word that the phone doesn’t recognize, it’s underlined. Tap the word to see a list of suggestions. Tap a suggestion to replace the misspelled word.


Occasionally, a word may be spelled correctly, but unknown to the phone. In that case, you might be prompted to add the word to the phone’s dictionary.

Yes, the phone has a dictionary.

Choose the Add Word to Dictionary option so that the phone doesn’t flag the unknown word.

Using trace typing

If you truly crave typing speed, consider tracing your words instead of doing the old hunt-and-peck. Trace typing allows you to create text by swiping your finger over the onscreen keyboard, like mad scribbling but with a positive result.

For example, to type the word hello, drag your finger over the letters H, E, L, L, and O (in that order) without lifting your finger from the keyboard.


  • To type a capital letter, drag your finger up above the onscreen keyboard and then back down to swipe over the rest of the letters.

  • Double letters are produced by swiping a tiny circle over the letter.

  • The gesture typing feature may not be active when you need to type a password or for specific apps on the phone. When it doesn’t work, use the onscreen keyboard one letter at a time.