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Tips for Saving Battery Life on Your Amazon Fire Phone

By Dan Gookin

Nothing is more annoying than losing juice on your Fire phone just when you are at a great part in your book, or finally winning that game you’ve been playing. So, here’s a smattering of things you can do to help prolong battery life for your Fire phone:

  • Dim the screen. The display is capable of drawing down quite a lot of battery power. Although a dim screen can be more difficult to see, especially outdoors, it definitely saves on battery life. Adjust the screen brightness from the Settings app, or choose the Brightness Quick Action from the Navigation panel.

  • Disable vibration options. The phone’s vibration is caused by a teensy motor. Although you don’t see much battery savings by disabling the vibration options, it’s better than no savings. To turn off vibration, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Settings app.

  2. Choose Sound & Notifications.

  3. Choose Change Your Ringtone.

  4. Slide the master control by Vibrate to the Off position.

Additionally, consider lowering the volume while the battery is low: Just press the Volume button to lower the volume almost all the way.

  • Deactivate Bluetooth. When you’re not using Bluetooth, turn it off: Display the Notification panel and tap the Bluetooth icon.

  • Turn off Wi-Fi. The phone’s Wi-Fi radio places only a modest drain on the battery, but it’s still a drain. You can quickly disable Wi-Fi by pulling down the Notification panel and tapping the Wi-Fi icon.