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How to Use Your Fire Phone as a Mobile Hotspot

By Dan Gookin

Your Fire phone accesses the Internet anywhere the mobile data signal is available. Other devices have to wait, either for an available Wi-Fi signal or some type of wired connection. Pity their plight, but there is something you can do about it: You can share the mobile data connection as a Wi-Fi hotspot.

When you create a mobile hotspot, you’re using the Fire phone’s mobile data connection to create a Wi-Fi network. Other Wi-Fi devices — computers, laptops, tablets, and so on — can then use that Wi-Fi network to access the Internet. The process is referred to as creating a Wi-Fi hotspot, though no heat is involved.

To create a mobile hotspot, heed these steps:

  1. Plug the phone into a power source.

    The Mobile Hotspot feature uses a lot of power.

  2. Open the Settings app.

  3. Tap the Wi-Fi & Networks item to open that category.

  4. Choose Set Up a Wi-Fi Hotspot.

  5. Slide the master control by Wi-Fi Hotspot to the On position.

    The hotspot is on, but you may want to confirm some of the settings.

    If the hotspot doesn’t come on or the item is disabled, that feature is unavailable under your data subscription plan, or it simply isn’t allowed.

  6. Choose the Configure Hotspot item to give the hotspot a name, or SSID, and then review, change, or assign a password.

    Touch the fields on the Configure Hotspot screen to assign a name (SSID), password, and other options. Touch the Save button to set your changes.

To turn off the mobile hotspot, slide the master control to the Off position, as described in Step 5:

  • The range for the mobile hotspot is about 30 feet. Items such as walls and dinosaurs can interfere with the signal, rendering it much shorter.

  • Data consumption over the mobile data network increases rapidly when the mobile hotspot is in use. Up to five people can access the Internet through the phone’s Wi-Fi hotspot, which increases many-fold the amount of data consumed.

  • Don’t forget to turn off the mobile hotspot when you’re done using it.