How to Use the Voicemail on Your Amazon Fire Phone - dummies

How to Use the Voicemail on Your Amazon Fire Phone

By Dan Gookin

When you miss or dismiss a call on your Fire Phone, it’s immediately banished to that unearthly realm known as voice mail. It’s a service run by your cellular provider that provides a way for people yearning for your human contact to temporarily sate their frustrations. Or, to be specific, for them to leave you a message.

Setting up carrier voice mail

Even if you believe your voice mail to be set up and configured, consider churning through these steps, just to be sure:

  1. Open the Phone app.

  2. Tap the Voicemail icon.

    It’s found in the lower-right corner of the screen.

    If voice mail has been set up, either the phone dials into the voice mail system or a voice mail app runs. Otherwise:

  3. Tap the Call Voicemail button.

  4. During the call, tap the Speaker button and keep the dialpad on the screen so that you can work through the prompts.

  5. Work through the prompts.

    Obey whatever directions are necessary to complete voice mail setup for your phone’s voice mail service.

Set your name, a voice mail password, a greeting, and various other steps as guided by your cellular provider’s cheerful robot.

Some cellular services provide a voice mail app, such as Visual Voicemail from AT&T. Voice mail setup is concluded by configuring this app, which handles your voice mail on the phone.

Retrieving your messages

When you have a voice mail message looming, the New Voicemail notification icon appears on the lock screen. And when the message comes in, a tiny notice briefly appears on the screen.


When using the phone, you may also see an orange circle appears with the number of voice mail messages on the Voicemail icon of the Phone app’s main screen.

To listen to your messages, tap the Voicemail icon on the Phone app’s main screen. The phone dials into your carrier’s voice mail system, or you may see an app, such as the Visual Voicemail app.


To deal with your carrier’s voice mail system, respond to the prompts by using the Phone app’s dialpad. Type your PIN and then proceed to listen to and manage messages.

For Visual Voicemail, choose a message from the list, which is similar to how email operates on the phone. Tap the Play icon to listen to the message, or work the other controls. The Call Back button appears on the screen, which you can use to return the call.