How to Use the Shop Amazon App on the Fire Phone - dummies

How to Use the Shop Amazon App on the Fire Phone

By Dan Gookin

Don’t bother using the Silk browser app on your Fire phone to visit Amazon on the Internet. Instead, use the Shop Amazon app, found on the App Grid. It’s your key to digital shopping paradise, or as close as your credit card allows you to reach that nirvana.

The Shortcuts and Delighters tab is greatly influenced by your shopping history.


Browse the categories presented in the Shop Amazon app, use the Navigation panel to locate items, or tap the Search icon.

Before you set out shopping, confirm your payment method.

You find an item you desire, tap the Add to Cart button to place it in your shopping cart, and keep browsing. You can also tap the Buy Now with 1-Click button to both purchase the item and have it shipped to your address.

If you elect to collect items, tap the Shopping Cart icon to review your purchases. Proceed through the checkout process, choosing your shipping address and method of payment. Tap the Place Your Order button to buy the item(s).

Eventually, you receive an email confirmation of the purchase. You can also choose the Orders item from the Navigation panel to peruse items you’ve recently ordered:

  • Your shopping cart reflects items chosen by using the Shop Amazon app, as well as items you may have chosen earlier by using a computer’s web browser or from another source.

  • Unlike buying music or other items, you can cancel an Amazon store purchase after it’s made. It’s easier to do this on a computer, although the Shop Amazon app is up to the task: Choose Orders from the Navigation panel to browse recent purchases. Touch the Cancel Item button to undo the purchase.