How to Use the Kindle App on the Amazon Fire Phone - dummies

How to Use the Kindle App on the Amazon Fire Phone

By Dan Gookin

Your Fire phone isn’t a Kindle phone, but you can read all the books and magazines available to the Kindle, thanks to the Kindle eBook reader app. It’s preinstalled on your phone and available on the App Grid.

Using the Kindle app

The Kindle app’s main interface shows a scrolling list of your eBook library — plus, it gives you quick access to the Kindle Store to buy even more books. And everyone should buy more books.

Books in your Kindle library are saved in the Amazon cloud. You have access to them only when the phone has Internet access — that is, unless you choose to save a copy of the books on your phone.

To keep a book on the phone, or the “device,” long-press the book in the library and choose the Download command. The book is then saved, and made available for reading even when an Internet connection isn’t available — like in an airplane.


Getting some reading material

You can get two types of books for reading on your Fire phone: good and terrible. Regardless of their satisfaction level, the two types of books can be free or paid. Mostly older titles and classics are free; the rest are paid. Shopping for books works like this:

  1. Start the Kindle app.

  2. Display the Navigation pane.

  3. Choose Shop.

    The Shop category has many subcategories, so if you see something more specific, choose it.

    One category worthy of checking is Monthly Deals. If you’re an avid reader, you may appreciate some of the offers presented.

  4. Search for the book you want, or browse the categories.

    As a suggestion, search for free classics to find something free to download.

  5. Touch to select a title.

    The Price button tells you how much the title costs, such as Buy for $3.99. A free title has Free to Buy listed as its price; otherwise, you see the book’s cost displayed.

    If you’re timid about paying for an eBook, choose the Download Sample button instead. A snippet from the book is downloaded, which you can peruse at your leisure at no charge.

  6. Touch the Buy button.

    The purchase is made instantly.

    Purchases are made by using the payment method you’ve configured for 1-Click buying.

  7. Touch the Read Now button to read your new book, or keep shopping.

    You receive an email confirmation message describing your purchase. The email appears even when you “buy” a free eBook.