How to Use the Email App on the Amazon Fire Phone - dummies

How to Use the Email App on the Amazon Fire Phone

By Dan Gookin

Email on the Fire phone is handled by the logically named Email app. That single app coordinates all your email accounts — as long as you’ve added the accounts to your phone. Once configured, email shows up, ready for reading, replying, forwarding, and all the other great email wonders:

  • You can add any email account to your Fire phone, from web-based email to corporate email to traditional ISP email.

  • Although you can use the Silk web browser app to visit your web email accounts, such as Gmail or Yahoo! Mail, use instead the Email app to pick up your messages.

  • Web-based email accounts are known as IMAP accounts, after the protocol thingamajig that fetches the mail. Traditional email accounts, such as those you’d receive from an ISP such as Comcast or Cox, are known as POP3 accounts. The Email app handles both.

Exploring the Email app

Start the Email app on your phone. The app is found on the App Grid, although if you’ve checked email recently, the app can be found quickly by using the Carousel on the Home screen.

When you open the Email app, you’re taken to the inbox. You can see the combined inbox, which lists email from all your various accounts. You can also choose an individual account’s inbox from the Navigation panel.


The messages in the combined inbox are color-coded. Each account uses a different color, which is reflected in the inbox:

  • Swipe the screen to peruse older messages. Newer messages appear atop the list.

  • The wee-number-in-a-circle indicates any related messages, replies, or follow-ups. They’re all included in the single message entry shown in the inbox.

  • The Paperclip icon shows that the message contains an attachment.

  • The VIP inbox can be chosen from the Navigation panel to view email from your VIP contacts. The messages are culled from all your email accounts.

Getting a new message

New email arrivals are heralded by a notification. You may see the New Email icon on the lock screen or pull down the Notification panel to peruse the quantity of freshly delivered messages for each of your online accounts.

You can tap a notification on the Notification panel to instantly launch the Email app and peruse messages for that account or simply visit the Email app to examine a particular inbox or the combined inbox.

Touch a message in the inbox to display it full-screen. Swipe the message up or down to read.

You access message commands by choosing the icons at the bottom of the screen. The icons change, depending on the message and phone’s orientation. Sometimes a menu icon appears, from which you can choose additional commands.

Tap the Respond icon to view a menu of replying options. Here are your choices:

Reply: Choose this command to reply to a message. A new message window appears with the To and Subject fields reflecting the original sender(s) and subject.

Reply All: Choose this command to respond to everyone who received the original message, including folks on the Cc line. Use this option only when everyone else must get a copy of your reply.

Forward: Choose this command to send a copy of the message to someone else.


You don’t have to reply to any message. In fact, swipe the screen left or right to continue reading your email: Swipe left-to-right to view older messages; swipe right-to-left to view newer messages:

  • When you’re reading a message, the Shortcuts and Delighters panel displays previous messages from that same contact.

  • The email you receive on the phone is echoed to other devices that also check your email, such as a laptop or desktop computer. This duplication may cause an issue for POP3 email accounts, such as those from an ISP like Comcast or Cox.

Composing an electronic message

Creating a new email epistle in the Email app works similarly to creating a new message on a computer. The key is to touch the New Message icon. This icon is found on the Inbox screen, and it might also show up when reading messages.

Fill in the To, Subject, and message content fields. As you type in the To field, matching contacts from the phone’s address book appear. Choose one from the list. As with any email message, you can send your message to multiple recipients.


Tap the Cc/Bcc item to display those fields.

When you have more than one email account configured for the Email app, you can select which account to use for sending the message. Touch your email address in the new message window, and then select another account.

To send the message, touch the Send icon:

  • To cancel a message, touch the Cancel icon. Choose Save Draft to save the message for later, or choose Discard Draft to dispose of the email.

  • You can rescue saved drafts by opening the Drafts folder for a specific email account; choose the folder from the Navigation panel. You can then edit the message and tap the Send icon to whisk it off.

  • Copies of the messages you send in the Email app are stored in the Sent mailbox. Display the Navigation panel, and then choose the Show Folders command for a specific email account. Choose the Sent folder from the list that’s displayed.

  • Messages are sent from the default account.

Sending email to a contact

A quick and easy way to compose a new message is to find a contact in the phone’s address book. Heed these steps:

  1. Open the Contacts app.

  2. Locate the contact to whom you want to send an electronic message.

  3. Touch the contact’s email address.

  4. Compose the message.

    The To field is already filled in for you.