How to Use the Calendar App on the Amazon Fire Phone - dummies

How to Use the Calendar App on the Amazon Fire Phone

By Dan Gookin

You don’t have to worry about having or using a datebook or even knowing what one is, because you have a Fire phone. The phone has the Calendar app. It’s well suited to keep track of your schedule and your appointments, and it even reminds you before an event and tells you how to get there:

The Fire phone’s Calendar app is coordinated with your online accounts. If you use the Google calendar, the Yahoo! calendar, or even a corporate calendar, as long as those accounts are associated with your phone, their scheduled appointments appear in the Calendar app.

Browsing dates and appointments

The Calendar app has three views: List, Day, and Month. Tap the Today icon to instantly zoom to the current day. The Shortcuts and Delighters panel shows your next, immediate event.


Place the phone into the horizontal orientation to see Week view.


  • Events are color-coded based on the source as well as on individual calendar categories.

  • Swipe the screen left and right to scroll the various calendar views: Day, Week, and Month.

  • The current day is highlighted in Month view and Week view. A horizontal bar marks the current time in Day view.

Reviewing appointments

To see more detail about an event, touch it. When you’re using Month view, touch the event’s date to see Week view. Then choose the event again to see its details.

The details you see depends on how much information was recorded when the event was created. Some events have only a minimum of information; others may have details, such as a location for the event. When the event’s location is listed, you can touch that location, and the Maps app pops up to show you where the event is being held:

  • Birthdays and a few other events on the calendar may be pulled from the phone’s address book or from certain social networking apps. That probably explains why some events are listed twice: They’re pulled in from two sources.

  • To quickly view upcoming events, choose the Calendar app from the Home screen’s Carousel. It lists all your upcoming appointments.


Creating an event

The key to making the calendar work is to add events: appointments, things to do, meetings, or full-day events such as birthdays or teeth cleaning. To create an event, follow these steps in the Calendar app:

  1. Select the day for the event.

    It’s best to use Day view, where you can touch the starting time for the new event.

  2. Touch the New icon.

    The New Event screen appears. Your job now is to fill in the blanks to create the event.

  3. Set information for the event.

    The basic information you can set includes the following:

    • Event title

    • Event date, starting time, and ending time

    • Whether the event repeats

    • A reminder for the event

    • The account or calendar or event category

    The more information you supply, the more detailed the event, and the more you can do with it on your phone.

  4. Touch the Done or Save button to create the event.

    The Done button has a check mark by it, and it’s located in the upper-right corner of the New Event screen.

The new event appears on the calendar, reminding you that you need to do something on such-and-such a day.

When an event’s day and time arrives, an event reminder notification appears on the lock screen. You can also peruse event reminders by pulling down the Notification panel. The event reminders persist until you dismiss them:

  • You can change an event at any time: Simply touch the event to bring up more information, and then touch the Edit icon to make modifications.

  • My advice is to type location information for an event as though you’re typing a search query for the Maps app. When the event is displayed, the location becomes a link; touch the link to see where on the map you need to go.

  • When the event lasts all day, such as a birthday or your mother-in-law’s visit that was supposed to last for an hour, touch the All Day box to add a check mark.

  • When you have events that repeat twice a month (say, on the first and third Mondays), you need to create two separate events — one for the first Monday and another for the third. Then have each event repeat monthly.

  • You can set additional reminders by touching the Add Reminder icon.

  • To remove an event, touch the event to bring up more information and then touch the Delete icon. Touch the OK button to confirm. When deleting repeating events, you need to specify whether all events are being removed or only the one.