How to Use Special Shooting Modes in the Fire Phone Camera App - dummies

How to Use Special Shooting Modes in the Fire Phone Camera App

By Dan Gookin

The Camera app on the Fire phone sports two special shooting modes: Lenticular and Panorama. Both of these modes involve a little more work on your part, but the results are some interesting images that will instantly induce jealousy in other cell phone owners.

Both modes are chosen by tapping the Settings icon in the Camera app. Under the Camera Modes heading, choose Lenticular or Panorama. The next shot you take with the camera assumes that mode.

Lenticular mode captures multiple shots of a single subject. The result is a 3D-like image that takes advantage of the phone’s Dynamic Perspective feature, similar to the lock screen image on the Fire phone.

To take that image, you choose Lenticular and then take up to 12 shots of a single object. Each time you tap the Shutter button, move the camera slightly in one direction. A ghost image of the previous shot helps you keep things lined up.

The Panoramic mode lets you take a very wide or very tall shot. Enter that mode, and then position the camera to the far left or right of the subject, such as a wide vista or a tall building. Tap the Shutter icon, and then use the onscreen guide to help you capture the rest of the image.

Tap the Stop icon to stop at any time, or just wait until the image stops by itself:

  • Tap the X icon on the screen to exit from Lenticular mode or Panorama mode.

  • Lenticular and panoramic images appear in the Photos app, along with all other images taken by the Fire phone camera.

  • The Lenticular images you capture react to the phone’s movements, allowing you to view the image in a quasi-3D manner.