How to Use Gestures on the Amazon Fire Phone - dummies

How to Use Gestures on the Amazon Fire Phone

By Dan Gookin

The Fire phone features some one-handed operations that will either delight or frustrate you. The key thing to remember is that alternative ways are available to perform the same tricks.

The gestures work by abruptly moving the phone in a specific direction. The phone’s accelerometer picks up the motion and performs specific functions or shortcuts.

Four gestures are available:

Auto-Scroll: Tilt the top of the phone toward you or away from you to scroll the screen up or down, respectively. You can also swipe the screen instead of using this gesture.

Peek: Tilt the phone slightly to the left or right. As you do, details appear that are otherwise hidden, such as the status bar. You may see other information as well, depending on what’s on the screen. The items that appear offer helpful hints or additional information. A non-gesture technique for this feature isn’t available.


Swivel: Flick your wrist as you hold the phone, like you’re trying to shake something off the top edge. You can swivel either left or right. The effect is that you see the Quick Actions and notifications.

Tilt: Abruptly lift the phone’s left or right edges. If you tilt the left edge up, you see the Navigation panel. Tilting the right edge up displays Delighters and Shortcuts.

A fifth gesture is also used, though it doesn’t involve moving the phone:

Back: Swipe the touchscreen from the bottom upward. This gesture returns you to the previous screen, dismisses an onscreen notice, hides the onscreen keyboard, or performs other actions that signify moving “back.”