How to Take a Screen Shot on the Fire Phone - dummies

How to Take a Screen Shot on the Fire Phone

By Dan Gookin

Also known as a screen cap, for capture, a screen shot is a picture of the Fire phone’s screen. The desire to take such an image is apparently strong enough that Amazon designed the Fire phone with that ability — but you have to know the secret.

The secret: Press and hold the Volume Down and Power buttons. Continue holding until you hear the “tink” sound. You see the screen shot appear briefly as a preview, and then control returns to whatever you’re doing on the phone.

Screen shots can be viewed by using the Photos app. They’re stored in the Screenshots album: In the Photos app, choose the Device item from the Navigation panel.

You can do anything with a screen shot that you can do with any other picture or photo stored on your Fire phone: You can share it, edit it (crop or rotate it), and delete it.