How to Split or Remove Contacts in Your Amazon Fire Phone Address Book - dummies

How to Split or Remove Contacts in Your Amazon Fire Phone Address Book

By Dan Gookin

Among the many options you have for managing your Fire phone address book, you can split contacts or remove them entirely from your address book. Just follow these easy steps.

Splitting contacts

The topic of separating contacts has little to do with parenting, although separating bickering children is the first step to avoiding a fight. Contacts in the address book might not be bickering, but occasionally the phone may automatically join two contacts that aren’t really the same person. When that happens, you can split them by following these steps:

  1. Display the improperly joined contact.

  2. Touch the Menu icon.

    The Menu icon is found on the individual contact’s screen. You do not need to edit the contact to locate this command. And if you don’t see the icon (in the lower-right corner), the contact isn’t joined.

  3. Choose the Split command.

  4. Touch the OK button to confirm that you’re splitting the contact.

You don’t need to actively look for improperly joined contacts — you’ll just stumble across them. When you do, feel free to separate them, especially if you detect any bickering.

Removing a contact

Every so often, consider reviewing your phone’s contacts. Purge the folks whom you no longer recognize or you’ve forgotten. It’s simple: View the forlorn contact and touch the Trash icon. Touch the OK button to confirm. Poof! They’re gone:

  • If the contact might be synchronized with an online account, the contact is also removed there.

  • You may not be able to delete contacts associated with specific accounts, such as your social networking friends. To remove those contacts, you need to go to the source, such as Facebook or Twitter.

  • Removing a contact doesn’t kill the person in real life.