How to Shop with Firefly on Your Fire Phone - dummies

How to Shop with Firefly on Your Fire Phone

By Dan Gookin

There is a zone where shopping in the digital realm with your Fire phone meets living in the real world. That zone is served by the Firefly app. You can start the app from the App Grid or just press and hold the Camera/Firefly button to summon Firefly.

Just like using the phone as a camera, you use Firefly by starting the app and then pointing the phone at an object. It can be a photo of a product or the product itself, and Firefly works best when the item has text on it.

Check out Firefly in action, scanning a product label for additional information. To scan for music, tap the Music icon; to listen to movies, TV shows, and other video, tap the Video icon.


When a match is found, it appears at the bottom of the screen. Tap that card to see additional information. To buy the item, choose a shopping command:

  • When Firefly cannot recognize what you’re scanning, a message appears. Try again from another angle, or:

  • It really helps if you can scan a label or other text. A barcode is perfect.

  • You can also use Firefly to read in phone numbers.