How to Setup Accounts on Your Amazon Fire Phone - dummies

How to Setup Accounts on Your Amazon Fire Phone

By Dan Gookin

To make your Fire phone useful, you need to add your various online personas and existences. You do this by incorporating those online accounts, allowing the Fire phone to access information such as names, phone numbers, and email addresses, as well as your schedule, appointments, and other information kept on the Internet.

The Fire phone is already aware of your Amazon account. You may have added more accounts during the initial setup process. If not, or to add an account at any time, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Home screen.

    The Home screen is the main screen on your phone. Display it by pressing the Home button.

  2. Display the App Grid.

    Press the Home button again to view all apps in the App Grid.


  3. Tap the Settings icon to start the Settings app.

    You may have to swipe the touchscreen from bottom to top to find the Settings icon.

    The Settings app is where you access internal options, change settings, or adjust features on your Fire phone.

  4. Tap My Accounts.

    The My Accounts area expands to list options.

  5. Choose Manage Email Accounts.

    A list of any existing accounts appears.

  6. Choose the Add Account item.

  7. Type the account’s email address.

    Use the onscreen keyboard to type the address. You’ll find an at-key (@) as well as the .com (dot-com) key to assist your typing.

    For example, to add your Google account to the Fire phone, type your Gmail account name (including the part).

  8. Tap the Next button.

  9. Type the account’s password.

  10. Tap the Next button.

    The phone configures the account. You may be asked to provide further information, depending on the account type. That information is available from the service provider. For example, for a corporate account, contact your organization’s IT department for details.

  11. Tap the Add Another Account button to add another account, choose Go to Inbox to review your mail, or press the Home button to visit the Home screen.

    In other words, you’re done.

In addition to your email, other information is copied to the Fire phone from the online service. This information includes contacts, calendar appointments, and other information, depending on the service.