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How to Save a Website on the Fire Phone for Later Viewing

By Dan Gookin

What’s the point of sitting in an airplane cabin for four or more hours with a Fire phone and nothing to do? This doesn’t mean you should use the overpriced in-flight Wi-Fi service. Instead, prepare for your tip beforehand by saving some Internet-only items for offline enjoyment.

For example, save a few web pages in the Silk browser — sites you normally visit but may not have time to read. To save a website for later viewing, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Silk browser app and visit the site you want to save.

    If it’s a new site, open the article you want to read.

  2. Tap the Menu icon, to the right of the address bar.

    A menu appears.

  3. Choose the Save Page command.

    The page is downloaded to the device.

Repeat these steps for several pages. You never know how bored you’ll be.

Later, when you’re stuck on the flight and bored from watching the crew dispense beverages, open the Silk browser app and display the Navigation panel. Choose the Saved Pages command to view the Saved Pages screen. Tap the page you saved to read it offline.

Just as you can save web pages for viewing in an aluminum tube at 36,000 feet, consider downloading some of your music or a few books from cloud storage.

In the Music app, long-press an album or song and choose the Download command. Ditto for the Books (Kindle) app: Long-press a book and choose the Download command. The downloaded item stays on your phone. It’s available whether or not you have Internet access:

  • Save several web pages for offline viewing.

  • Saving a web page for later viewing is great, but remember that none of the links on the page works, nor does any streaming video. On the positive side, the text is still readable and the images show up just fine.

  • To remove a saved web page, display the Saved Pages screen and tap the Edit icon. Select one or more pages, and then tap the Delete icon at the bottom of the screen.

  • You can also free phone storage by removing items downloaded from the cloud.