How to Print to a Bluetooth Printer from Your Amazon Fire Phone - dummies

How to Print to a Bluetooth Printer from Your Amazon Fire Phone

By Dan Gookin

You won’t find a Print command in any app. That’s because printing isn’t really something people associate with a mobile device, like the Fire phone. Even so, your phone is more than capable of printing: You just need to know the secret word, and that word is Bluetooth.

As long as the Bluetooth printer is paired with your phone, you can print documents on the printer. Such a printer features the Bluetooth logo. As long as it’s a Bluetooth printer, and it’s paired with the phone, you can print.

To make printing happen, follow these steps:

  1. View the document, web page, or image you want to print.

  2. Touch the Share icon.

    If the Share icon isn’t visible in the app, look for a Share command on a menu.

  3. Choose Bluetooth.

    If the Bluetooth option isn’t available, you can’t print from the app.

  4. Choose your Bluetooth printer from the list of Bluetooth peripherals.

  5. If a prompt appears on the printer, confirm that your phone is printing a document.

    The document is uploaded (sent from the phone to the printer), and then it prints.

You can view the upload status by checking the phone’s notifications. Check for the Bluetooth Share: Sent Files notification.

Printing from your phone to a Bluetooth printer works, but it’s not a perfect solution. For printing lots of material, consider emailing the information to yourself or sharing it on a cloud drive. You can then use a computer to handle the printing task.