How to Listen to the Radio on the Fire Phone - dummies

How to Listen to the Radio on the Fire Phone

By Dan Gookin

Do you just want to listen to the radio from your Fire phone? Well, you can—sort of. Although they’re not broadcast radio stations, some sources on the Internet — Internet radio sites — play music. To listen to these services, you need the proper app, which is obtained for free from the Appstore. Check out these apps:

  • Spotify Music

  • TuneIn Radio

  • Pandora Radio

Spotify provides access to millions of popular songs based on genre, artist, label, and so on. You can browse by category or choose to listen to a channel based on your mood. Spotify lets you create custom playlists that you can share with others. It offers integration with the social networking sites Facebook and Twitter.

The TuneIn Radio app gives you access to hundreds of Internet radio stations broadcasting around the world. They’re organized by category, so you can find just about whatever you want. Many of the radio stations are also broadcast radio stations, so odds are good that you can find a local station or two, which you can listen to on your phone.

Pandora Radio lets you select music based on your mood and then customizes, according to your feedback, the tunes you listen to. The app works like the Internet site Pandora, in case you’re familiar with it. The nifty thing about Pandora is that the more you listen, the better the app finds music you like:

  • These apps are free, but paid versions might also be available. The paid versions offer wider selections and no advertising.

  • It’s best to listen to Internet radio when your phone is connected to the Internet via a Wi-Fi connection. Streaming music can use a lot of your cellular data plan’s data allotment.

  • Internet music of the type delivered by these apps is referred to by the nerds as streaming music. That’s because the music arrives on your phone as a continuous download from the source. Unlike music you download and save, streaming music is played as it comes in and isn’t stored long-term.