How to Dial the Fire Phone with Your Voice - dummies

How to Dial the Fire Phone with Your Voice

By Dan Gookin

The Amazon Fire phone features voice input, which works well if you know precisely what to say. If you want to dial the phone hands-free, you can do so by uttering the proper magic words.

In an ironic twist, hands-free mode starts by long-pressing the phone’s Home button. Yes, this seems to go against the command-the-phone-by-using-your-voice theme, but it’s necessary. It’s also easier to manage long-pressing the Home button while distracted than it would be to work a touchscreen.

To dial up a friend or cohort or any evil organization in your phone’s address book, obey these steps:

  1. Press and hold the Home button.

    The phone switches to Voice Command mode. You see the text “Hello” on the screen. The phone is listening.

  2. Say “Dial” and then recite the complete phone number.

    For example, say “Dial 202 456 1111” to dial that number.

You may be prompted to complete the action. If you see one of those Always/Just Once prompts, choose an app to dial and then tap Always so that you’re not bothered by the prompt again.

You can also utter the word Dial followed by a contact’s name, such as “Dial Santa Claus” to call that person, should he be in the phone’s address book.

When the contact sports multiple phone numbers, you can add the word home, work, or mobile after the name to dial that specific number. If you don’t, the phone may query you on which number you want to dial.